> Degree in Art History

University Rovira i Virgili Tarragona


> Master in Contemporary Philosophy: Trends and Debates

University Autònoma de Barcelona


> Technician in Wall Applied Arts

La Massana School of Arts of Barcelona


> Graduate Diploma in Arts

and Crafts, specializing in Jewelry

School of Art and Design in Tarragona


Enric Llevat Gateu


Professor in Art School of Valls

Professor in Art School and Design of Tarragona.

Professor in L’Atelier Academy of Arts in Tarragona.



2014 Souls. Solo exhibition. Modern Art Museum of Tarragona. Curator: Eva Jove. Catalogue.

2014 Art Shopping. Contemporary Art Fair. SoHo Art Gallery. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris.

2014 SoHo Art Gallery Group exhibition. Curator: Celio Barreto. Osaka, Japan.

2014 Transnational Art 2014. Contemporary Art Fair. Osaka, Japan. Catalogue.

2014 Introspeccions creuades. Group exhibition. Gallery Gallery CT. Reus.

2014 Loveblack. Solo exhibition. Gallery Tarraco. Tarragona.

2013 Anatomiae. Solo exhibition. Antic Forn Vallcarca Barcelona.

2013 Anatomiae . Solo exhibition. Metropol Theatre in Tarragona.

2013 Le Salon Gallery. Seven Hearts. Art installation. Barcelona.

2013 International Film Festival of Human Rights of Barcelona. Art Installation. Pati Llimona Barcelona / Paris / New York

2012 Infra_lines. Solo exhibition. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Curator: Eva Jove. Bellaterra. Catalogue.

2012 Present Continuous. Antoni Pinyol Gallery. Curator: Albert Macaya. Reus.

2011 Postcards from the Limbo. Collective Exhibition. Auditorium of the University of Zaragoza.

2011 Liquid Frames. Solo exhibition. Sala Kesse of Tarragona.

2011 Art Show in Ullà, Girona.

2010 Vitas, Gallery Musevm of Tarragona.

2010 El Melic Gallery of Tarragona.

2010 Komposition. Solo exhibition. College of Pharmacists and Lawyers Tarragona.

2009 Opus Campus. Architectural design in photographic support. Campus Catalunya’s Hall at the University Rovira i Virgili.

2005 Cow Parade in Barcelona. Sculpture painting. The Glories shopping center in Barcelona. Catalogue.

2004 Exquisite Corpse. Museum of Modern Art Tarragona. Catalogue.

Torre Vella de Salou (2010)

2004 Julio Antonio Prize of Sculpture. Selected work. MAMT of Tarragona. Catalogue.

2003 Mortgage. Installation. Room Reus. History Museum of Reus. Curator: Aureli Ruiz. Catalogue.

2003 Dream dead? Installation. Faculty of Arts of the URV in Tarragona.

2003 Visionary. Installation at the Museum of Modern Art Tarragona.

2002 Julio Antonio Prize of Sculpture in MAMT of Tarragona. Selected work. Catalogue.

2001 Aware? Installation at the Museum of Modern Art Tarragona. Catalogue.

2000 Exhibition of Young Artists Envideo '00. Selected work. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

1998 1st Strip-art contemporary Art Festival. Selected work. Civic Centre Guinardó Horta, Barcelona.

1998 Future clone. 1st Festival of Reus Kunst and Revolution.

1997 Barnajoia group exhibition at the Palau de Barcelona Fairs.

1996 20 Jewellery Exhibition at the Palau de Tarragona Province.



2009 SCAN'08 : the theory of instant photography. Arola Editors.

Edition of the book and CD-coordinators of the symposium sessions. ISBN 978-84-92839-11-7

2005 Personal interview as an artist in the Journal of Tarragona.

2003 Personal interview as an artist in La Vanguardia.

2002 Research project historical and artistic: Letters of Tarragona. Public monuments of Tarragona. Journal of Tarragona.

2001 Awards: Ten years of the Rovira i Virgili. Arola Editors. ISBN 84-95134-98-5



2004 3rd Biennial of Drawing the College of Pharmacists of Tarragona. Honorary prize. Catalogue.

2002 3rd Prize for photography. "El fet casteller" La Capella of Valls. Exhibition traveling throughout Catalonia.

2001 Photo Contest 10 years at the University Rovira i Virgili. Catalogue.



2008-10 President of the Alumni Association and Friends of Art History at the URV Tarragona. (AAAA).

Manager and organizator of various conferences and university events around contemporary art.

2003-4 Artistic Curator of Reading in Sala Fortuny of Centre de Lectura de Reus.

2002-3 Director and producer of contemporary art exhibitions at the Art Hall. URV Tarragona.

2000 Co-founder of the company Transfusion performances at the School of Art and Design in Tarragona. Conducting several performances by the city of Tarragona.


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